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Naturopathy: Clinic Support

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NATE121 and NAT121 Assignment Resources

Medical Misinformation and Social Harm in Non-Science Based Health Practices
Research Methods for Clinical Therapists (5th edition)
Preventing Boundary Violations in Clinical Practice
Professional Boundaries in Social Work and Social Care
The Medical Interview
Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods
Research methods in information
MIMS Online

MIMS Online

  • Product (medicine) information
  • Pill ID
  • Consumer medicines information
  • Drug interactions
Primal Pictures

Anatomy TV

  • Includes comprehensive modules on the human body encompassing 3D anatomy and integrated physiology content
  • Interactive anatomical models
Medicines Complete

Medicines Complete

  • Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference
  • British National Formulary
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Stockley's Herbal Medicines Interactions



  • Australian Naturopathic, Chinese Medicine & Homeopathic product database
  • 90% correlation with Clinic held products
  • Prescribing Guide 


Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines

  • Patient Handouts & Flash Cards (summaries) - printout, email, create PDF
  • Databases - Foods, Herbs and Supplements; Health & Wellness; Commercial Products; Sports Medicine
  • Checkers - Interactions, Depletions, Adverse Effects, Comparisons




  • Health topics, drugs and supplements, genetics
  • Medical tests
  • Medical encyclopaedia
  • Healthy recipes