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This guide is for soon-to-be graduates from Endeabour College.Congratulations and here are some resources to help you plan your transition from student to professional life. Starting your own business Career Services Before you leave, make sure to take advantage of our career guidance services. Graduate Access Details accessing journals once graduated, to ensure ongoing learning and academic excellence.

Want to start your own natural health business? Use the resources below to help you on your journey.

Firstly, it is important to remember that business license information and requirements vary state to state, and are subject to their own ongoing updates and changes. Make sure you keep up to date with the necessary legislation and regulators in your area. General information can be found at the ABLIS.

We also encourage you to look into the Short Course offerings around business offered by Endeavour, which you have free access to as a student. They were developed with you in mind, and include specific and useful information about how to navigate the modern business world as a natural health practitioner. Details can be found here.

The below accordian has useful links on a variety of small business topics.

Endeavour College Career Services

Endeavour College offers a host of information and platforms to help you upon graduation. Have you visited these services yet?

Alumni Events

Endeavour hosts and attends regular events for future students, current students and alumni throughout the year. These include Open days, course information webinars, admission sessions, tertiary expos and more. Find out more at the link below.

Applying for Jobs

This page includes guides and useful information about what to include in job applications, how to structure resumes and cover letters, and how to get started with networking. These are all essential skills for navigating the professional world.

Career Services

The Career Services Hub helps you prepare for the shift to employment. It has resources about what kind of career paths are available for you based on your skills, interests and career goals.

Professial Associations

It is extremely important and beneficial for students to become student members of professional associations while they are studying. It is recommended for students to become student members in their first year of study. If you are only looking to join now, the link below will help guide you through the process.

Studiosity Resume Review

Studiosity is a tool you have likely encountered before at some point in your studies. This link details how to submit your resume to their writing feedback service. Their support will help with the written clarity of your documents, but not the content. They specialise in the form of the resume, so if you are looking for feedback on the content, Endeavour's internal resources and network will be better suited to assist you.

Alumni Facebook Group

The Endeavour College of Natural Health Alumni Facebook group is a space to connect with the extensive Endeavour network. The link below will prompt you to sign in, as this group is only visible to those with Facebook accounts.

Journal Access as a Graduate

We recommend reaching out to your professional organisations for access to online journals. Many associations are able to give members access to current evidence-based research. Additionally, the following platforms provide free access to online tools, resources and scholarly content.